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My ideas for natural, holistic and crunchy living.

Nourishing Bone Broth

This is my simmering bone broth I am making. Bone broth is so good for you, it keep your immunity high and is so much better for you than canned or boxed stock or broth. It doesn't contain the preservatives or sodium of the store bought. Here is the link to the recipe:



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Green Cereal

My smoothie “cereal” I made. I made a green kale smoothie then put fresh strawberries, pineapple, and almonds on top πŸ™‚


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Oil Blends

I made my essential oil blend today. This stuff is good for adding to your cleaners, to your diffuser, and to the soles of your feet when you are sick.

Here's the site-


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Contending with PMS and beyond

I am posting these sites for any out there like myself who suffer with these

female issues. I haven't been feeling the greatest today and so have been doing research on various natural remedies to incorporate in my diet etc.

I hope it will will help you as well πŸ™‚


Cherry love

My snack for today. Cherries are one of my favorite fruits, they are healthful in many different ways including warding off headaches

and they can be a calming agent to you system. Eat up!


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Fruit Galore

Some of the fruit we picked up yesterday. We bought a huge flat of locally grown strawberries, a freakishly big papaya ( seriously I've never seen one this big before) and a net full of avocados ( $3 for the whole thing!) and a pineapple, YEAH! I'd say we made out well.. Now on what to make with them…. Oh the possibilities!


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Beets, they really are the magical fruit

My mixture of beets, carrots, and ginger I ran through the food processor
last night. This picture doesn’t do the color justice, it was a beautiful and
rich, deep red. I’m going to use this in smoothies and salads. Beets aren’t overpowering so they are good at complementing whatever you pair them
with. If you’re looking for a sweeter smoothie mix oranges or pineapples
with it πŸ™‚
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Homemade Energy Bars

I made these delicious sunflower seed Β and almond energy bars last night. Way better than store bought. They are super easy to make too.

And so much healthier. A good snack before or after a workout, with a smoothie. Or just plain good and healthy snacking πŸ˜‰

Here is the link to the recipe-Β

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Kombucha is nature's soda and chock full of probiotics πŸ™‚


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Bulk Herbs

Good and inexpensive site for buying herbs in bulk.

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